Welcome to The Chipped Dagger!

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The Chipped Dagger is a retro 2D medieval fantasy MMORPG written in Java.  It’s a throwback to the days when graphics weren’t as fancy but the gameplay was better!

No registration is needed.  Just launch the client from the Launch Game link on the left and choose any username & password combination you like to get started.  You don’t need to install anything to play.  If you have trouble launching the game you can ask for help in the forums.

You can find out more about the The Chipped Dagger on the features page.  The screenshots are here. The FAQ provides additional information about the game.  There are quick start guides in the forums and the wiki..

The game is still in development.  The server is usually running, but there are daily downtimes for updates and bugfixes.  Warning: There will be complete wipes of the world, monsters, items, and buildings as bugs are fixed and changes made.  The wipes are infrequent, but there will be at least one more wipe before the game is officially released.

Build 145

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patch 145:

[bugfix] Some items in market were not displaying tool tips properly.
This is now fixed.
[bugfix] fixed heart emoticon from not showing up in chat for real this time
[feature] MiniMap!

thanks will!

Build 144

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patch 144:
-[bugfix] heart emoticons should now display in chat
-[bugfix] missing * at the end of emotes is now back
-[bugfix] loot link colors should now display properly for all items
-[balance] max item level drop rate increased somewhat (it’s still lower before when too many high level items were being found)

Build 143

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143 patch notes:

-added confirmation window when a player tries to apply a stack of tokens to their account
-new item generation toned down a bit for highest level mobs. Higher meta level mobs now have added chance of dropping highest level items.
-higher level mobs are now more likely to gain stun defense
-legendary creatures now have increased stun defense
-WEMs now have greatly increased stun defense
-base hitpoints for higher end mobs has been increased
-hitpoints for higher level mobs ramps faster now
-new WEM name suffixes added
-All mobs (except WEMs) were respawned

-The “Yetti” mob’s name has an extra ‘T’, it should be “Yeti”
-The ingredient “Cyrstal” should be named “Crystal”
-The equipment prefix “Heroes” should be either “Hero’s” or “Heros’”*
-The equipment prefix “Kings” should be either “King’s” or “Kings’”*
-The equipment prefix “Farmers” should be either “Farmer’s” or “Farmers’”*
-The equipment prefix “Knights” should be either “Knight’s” or Knights’”*
-The equipment prefix “Devils” should be either “Devil’s” or Devils’”*
-The equipment suffix “Artic” should be “Arctic”*
-The equipment suffix “Quenched” isn’t grammatically correct because it follows “of”. This can be changed to “Desire”. “Thirst” could also work but that would be the opposite.
-The equipment suffix “Devestation” should be “Devastation”

Thanks Sherlock for reporting the above spelling/grammar bugs!

*note old items with the incorrect names remain. All new items types will have the correct names


Build 142

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[bugfix] item reclamation now takes into account item level (like it used to). Thus higher level items (relative to the max level for that item type) have higher % chances of turning into essenses. The rate was way too low before.

[balance] higher level mobs now have increased chance to drop items

[balance] new highest level items are now more likely to be found from higher level monsters. Conversely low level/high meta level (I.E. legendary ents) are now less likely to spawn max/near max level items.

[bugfix] minor naming bug with newly spawned WEMs (persists until server restart)

[bugfix] monster level wasn’t always being correctly applied to loot generation, essense drop rates from mobs, and stack sizes

[bugfix] WEMs were only spawning SE from town!

[surprise] existing WEMs are assembling where bad players go!

[change] players are now rewarded for clearing all monsters from a crevasse!

[bugfix] 3 old bugged crevasse openings were removed! Thanks to players for pointing them out!


[bugfix] items were sometimes evolving with no change in stats.

[update] added SEBlogs terrain tile packs 1&2. Thanks SEBlog! (this was done awhile ago, but i forgot to put it into the notes)

[bugfix] some new items had recipes ingredients from old bugged recipes


Build 141

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[feature] Now when renaming a bag pressing enter or escape will submit or cancel the rename
[feature] enter key now submits sell order
[feature] escape key will cancel split stack
[bugfix] essences and teleport potions broke loot links
[bugfix] now multiple loot links per chat message is possible
[security] case sensitivity was being ignored when checking passwords due to a MySQL character set behavior

Build 140

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[bugfix] server crash on applying tokens from bank
[feature] drag and drop loot into chat to create loot links!
[feature] pressing enter while on split stack now completes action

Note: There is a known bug with the loot links. You can only create one per
chat message. A fix is being worked on and will be deployed soon.


Build 139

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[change] turned packet out of bounds error reporting back on.
[update] added updated bag icons from SEBlog
[bugfix] when an item leveled up ALL attributes were changing instead of just some
[balance] lowered max attribute change on items for lower level items
[feature] WEMs now show general compass direction when tney spawn
[bugfix] WEMs were spawning in a diagonal line SE of town

Build 138

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Build 138 is finally finished! I just took the server offline. I will do a database backup, then I need to hand edit some of the tables for the update. Next i’ll deploy the new client and server versions. After that we’ll turn it back on and see how many bugs there are. I expect the server will need to be restarted multiple times for bugfixes. If all goes well the game should be back up in running in an hour or two. If things don’t go so well it could take many hours!



PS i’ll post patch notes here as soon as i’m ready to turn the server back on.

Build 138 patch notes:

[bugfix] admin tool mob spawner could crash the server on ocassion
[bugfix] possible server memory leak resolved
[change] temp disabled packet write error debugging info
[balance] lowered high level item drop rate (higher level and especially higher meta mobs now give better items on average)
[bugfix] fixed issue where some white items were no longer spawning!
[balance] rate of new max level items dropping has been reduced (this should slow the rate of item progression)
[balance] recipe drop rate for bags/armor/weapons (vs the item itself) has been lowered a bit on high end mobs
[balance] lowest min/max charges on bag/armor/weapon recipes a bit
[balance] lowered essence reclamation rate. old system was based on item level. new system is base % + bonus for karma
[balance] changed max stack size for coins/pots/mats from monster corpes (now more heavily weighted toward higher meta level monsters
[balance] lowered size of stackable items needed for crafting new items in recipes
[change] removed recipes that require more than 1 ‘white’ item. IE glove recipe that requires multiple gloves to craft
[balance] lowered chance that a new recipe will require an additional base material to be crafted
[bugfix] new highest level items were not always being added to the pool of available new items
[bugfix] new items were only being based off the oldest high level item of that type
[balance] negative vs positive new stats spawning on items is now much more highly dependent on mob level + meta level + player karma
[balance] bag weight/bag slots changes on newly spawned bags adjusted somewhat
[balance] newly created items are now much less likely to spawn additional stats (for example: a sword that didn’t have lightning attack is less likely now to gain lightning attack)
[balance] recipes for high level items should be A) actually craftable due to lower mat requirements and B) useful to craft!
[balance] weapons/armor are now much less likely to turn into JOATs (jack of all trades) which should encourage closer item selection for equipment
[change] newly found bags now come with more varied names!
[bugfix] some base materials were not dropping (IE crystals, horns, black/red/green/blue hides). they can now be found.
[balance] item drop rate for the various item types has been balanced.  For example, amulets and rings were dropping much more often than wooden and metal shields.  Items should drop (and thus level up) much more evenly now.
[change] level 0 items (gray text) can no longer be duplicated using reflecting ponds
[change] bank box was increased from 5×5 (25 slots) to 7×7 (49 slots)
[balance] requirements to increase health and stamina using essenses now increase every 100 increases instead of every 20.  This will make increasing health and stamina much less painful
[feature] added new “Bag of Essen[tials]” for existing players. it’s a non-pondable 36-slot bag perfect for storing and organizing essences!
[balance] players now burn 3 stamina per attack when attacking monsters/players (up from 1.5 stamina drain per attack)
[balance] players now have 0 base health regeneration instead of 1 base health regeneration
[feature] World event message is now sent to all logged-in players when a player finds a new highest level item!
[feature] increased number of bag icons from 1 to 256. thanks SEBlog! olds bags have a special icon as does the new bag of Essen[tials]. Other bags use random icons
[balance] health/stamina potion drop rate increased (to help counter lack of base health regen and higher stamina burn rate during combat)
[balance] items are now low/medium/high instead of rock paper scissors. For example plate now has higher base defense than chain and chain has higher base defense than leather.  In the old system all armor types had the same numerical values, but defended against different attacks.  The same has been done for weapons.
[feature] Increased number of recipe icons from 1 to 256. thanks SEBlog! health/stamina/DW/TP potions all now have special icons.  Coin recipes also have special icons.  Other recipes use random icons.
[feature] colors for item level text is now as follows: lvl 0 = gray, lvl 1 = white, max level = red.  blue/green/purple/gold items now are based on tiers.  blue are items in the lowest quartile of items for that type, the gold is the highest quartile (but less than the maximum level discovered for that item.  This should help player better understand where their item sits in relation to other items of that type.
[bugfix] bags with stats other than weight/slots were fixed.

Note: your stats might well be bugged when you first log in.  Equipping and/or unequipping an item should fix the display bug!

Follow items were NOT deleted: karma, titles, stats, essences, potions, coins, materials, and recipies for coins/potions. old bags were renamed and converted to level 0, but still retain their slots.

Items will likely need to be further balanced.  My hope is that we should need to do another item wipe, but I cannot guarantee it. If you feel something is out of balance please by all means let me know in game or better yet post on our forums.  I changed many variables and I expect there we will need further balance to get things just right.

Thanks for your patience and thanks for playing Chipped Dagger!


Build 137

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[feature] a global event log message is now sent when a players achieves a new title

[feature] mob level now displayed next to mob type in lore window

[change] ping db connections to keep server from crashing daily

[bugfix] fire essence image (thanks SEBlog!)

[bugfix] proper monster meta level image now displayed in monster lore windows

[update] added SEBlog’s Monster pack #2. Monsters now have distinct images for all meta levels! Thanks SEBlog!